Job Openings

We have few job Openings for both freshers and experienced.

Interested candidates please apply through the following links:

  1.  Freshers Job Opening for Data Scientists with R expertise
  2. Experienced Data Scientists with R Expertise
  3. Machine Learning Experts in R with Shiny-Internship (remote)

In case, if you have difficulty during applying please mail to for R and for Python.

Notes for R Openings:

Please upload your sample project in and share the in your profile if you want your profile to be considered.  Please do not consider Kaggle datasets and do not use code available in other websites.

Notes for Internship positions:

Please specify your interest & availability to join the company as an employee after the internship completion.

During internship, we will not provide any training or help. The candidate should be able to handle the task independently.  The candidate is expected to upload his/her sample project and share the url, if profile needs to be considered. Do not consider Kaggle datasets.

Disclaimer: During the internship, the company may decide to pay the stipend or not, which will be informed before starting the internship. If the company agrees to pay the stipend, it will be paid only if the candidate is able to finish the task in the time agreed. Ownership of all the work done by the candidate to the company will belong to the company only and candidate cannot use the same code in other places. After the internship, the company has no obligation to employ you.  Please apply only if you are ready for the above conditions.

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